Between Civil War and Civil Rights

Epilogue: Terror and “Race” Today(?)
Epilogue: Terror and “Race” Today(?) 2017-10-19T16:30:32+00:00

wip-badgeEpilogue: Terror and “Race” Today(?) — A Projected Program

Between Civil War and Civil Rights (‘CW2CR’) explores and documents, among other things, how unexamined assumptions and beliefs—racialized mindsets disguised as “way of life”-type values—underlie many of the deep, sometimes paralyzing divisions we see today. The series examines, for example, how yesterday’s racialized “entertainment” sowed the seeds of today’s national divisions and political paralysis.  How else can we explain the enormous gaps between “Whites,” “Blacks,” etcetera’s perceptions of prejudice: that many believe they experience racism every day, while others claim it no longer exists?




**LISTEN HERE: In the words of Klan co-founder ____________:

“…. Amusement was the end in view; the method was secrecy and mystery… [which] to a superstitious negro, was extremely terrifying”

But, as activist-teacher                 pointed out,

“To clean a wound”…?]


Where have we come to now, as a result of the artificial construction of “racial” difference?

Have you experienced racial privilege or racial deficit? What does ‘white privilege’ mean to you? Is it an experience, an illusion, a consciousness? How about “political correctness”?

blacklivesmatter400x294People have gotten in trouble for insisting that “all lives matter” rather than “Black lives matter.” If the “black race” is an artificial category, does that mean “Black Lives Matter” is a reverse-racist slogan? Or a temporary, tactical thing?

Finally, has the CW2CR series brought something new to you? And what would you like to see it become?

Send us your thoughts, contributions, ideas, to this page, this website, and this program-series. Help us find the sounds and images to explore, for instance:

  • the racial bias of historical vagrancy laws and the modern “War on Drugs”;
  • the long history of the “prison/industrial complex”, going back to peonage and the chain gang; and
  • the many obstacles governments and the law have put in the way of Blacks accumulating and passing down wealth from generation to generation.