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Listening Between the Lines welcomes all levels of participation, from tweeting your thoughts to helping design and produce new programs, to developing better discussion tools. Receive the benefits of joining LBL, from free subscription  memberships, to co-authoring major projects. Between Civil War and Civil Rights needs your knowledge, your own family experience and other contributions. Join us in co-writing and co-producing The Strange Culture of Jim Crow (circa 1877–1897), Cultural Rebirth and Political Reaction (1900 – 1915), and Depression and Hope (1925 – 1940) programs, the Series Introduction: A Work in Progress and Epilogue: Terror and “Race” Today pages, and in making this website an important part of some of today’s most critical conversations.

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Do you have ideas for music, permissions, or public domain recordings appropriate to the story of Wilmington from the Reconstruction through the coup d’etat of 1898, its “race riots” of 1968, and its reconciliation efforts of 1997 to the present day?

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