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Finding Fairness, Building Community and Justice

Explore ways to not be condemned to repeating the past (to paraphrase George Santayana). Hear some examples of forums and ideas for using our programs in your community. Help yourself to free downloads, and please join us in developing tools for stronger societies, professions and organizations. In an increasingly global, interconnected, culturally cross-fertilized world, how do we deal with human migration and conflict, especially in a nation of immigrants? What is “White privilege”? “Environmental Racism” and “Environmental Classism?” Are “Reparations” appropriate? Are they different from the “restitution and compensation” appropriated to survivors of the Rosewood, Florida massacre of 1923? Are reparations already being offered and if so, in what forms? How best can we deal with today’s inequities, and can we avoid the violence, invective and protests of recent months?

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