Listening Between the Lines’ audio documentaries were originally produced for broadcast on public radio stations. Audio is an extraordinarily “hot medium”—an evocative experience which activates the listener’s image-ination to ‘fill out’ the narrative, unlike video and film, which saturate the cognitive facilities.

Personal media players and digital technology offer an opportunity to develop enriched multimedia versions. We invite you to join us in developing synchronized graphics and texts for the programs.

Between Civil War and Civil Rights, a multiple-award-winning, eyewitness aural history documentary-and-debate exploration of the roots of racial gaps that plague our society today, originally broadcast over public radio. Now almost six hours of extraordinary sound and growing! With your help we’ll complete the series and develop a multimedia/multi-platform version.


A Common Path reconstructs, in a one-hour mash-up of Florida’s stories and music, the American cultural mosaic in all its complex and creative harmony, humor and dissonance. Florida has always beckoned to newcomers, whether entering overseas or overland. From the aboriginal peoples now known as “Seminoles” to the “snow-birds” and “undocumented immigrants” of today, how has the host-society dealt with incomers?

We recommend some segments as discussion-prompts, about the state as “Melting Pot” or “Mosaic?,” and the Cultural, Economic, and Ecological costs and opportunities in/migration.