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Alan Lipke is a writer, educator and founder of Listening Between the Lines.

Violence and Protest


Nowadays it’s more true to say that protest deteriorates into violence, in Baltimore, in Ferguson, in Europe, Asia, in Africa —when the social system, especially the advantaged classes, shows its/their inability to accommodate the need for change, equal justice and growth.

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Denying Cultural Democracy


Starting around 1875, Wilmington newspapers lamented African Americans’ monopoly on public music in the city, and calling for the formation of a White brass band! Eventually white musicians did indeed form a “Kornet Kavalier Klub!” Yet the Ku Klux Klan had disbanded or “gone underground” (as debated in the How the South Won the War program) around 1874….

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Do you have ideas for music, permissions, or public domain recordings appropriate to the story of Wilmington from the Reconstruction through the coup d’etat of 1898, its “race riots” of 1968, and its reconciliation efforts of 1997 to the present day?

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