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Wilmington, North Carolina Panel:
"Are we making progress?"
March 21, 2001

In 1898, White Supremacists seized power in the beautiful port of Wilmington North Carolina. They burned the town's Black newspaper -believed to be the only Black daily in the South-after it challenged the justice of lynch law for Black "rapists." The plotters exiled the mayor and many officials, killed a number of African Americans and drove thousands of their businessmen out of town. It was a pivotal moment in the history of race in America.

Listening Between the Lines, formerly the “Reality Works” Project, in partnership with the 1898 Centennial Foundation and WHQR-FM public radio, broadcast a community forum to discuss the legacy of the 1898 events. The project was funded by the Southern Humanities Media Fund and the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

Excerpts from Wilmington: are we Making Progress? are used in Listening Between the Lines’ Democracy's Denial: Revolutions in Wilmington.






Live Discussions

The Story of Wilmington
Media Issues
Race and Sex
Political Legacy
The Economic Legacy

The Panel
Discussion of Media Issues
Discussion of Race and Sex
Discussion of the Political Legacy
Discussion of the Economic Legacy
Discussing Reconciliation

The Last Word

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