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Negroes and whites at
Workers’ Alliance meeting
listening to organizer,
Muskogee, Oklahoma. (1939)



    In addition to documentaries, Listening Between the Lines produces and facilitates discussions to help communities deal with the impact of historical events and their continuing effects.  We encourage broadcasters and others to use our programs and particular excerpts from them to guide talk-shows, “study circles” and other forums.  We are developing discussion guides, manuals and other supplementary materials with our partner-organization, Creative Change Productions.

    Listening Between the Lines is particularly committed to developing innovative broadcast forums as partnerships between community groups and local media, as a new model for participatory democracy. Please visit for more information, and contact us about forums in your community.

    Here are some examples:

    Finding a Common Path: October 22, 2000

    Originally broadcast on WMNF-FM community radio in Tampa FL as a two-hour live program using the Listening Between the Lines’ "document and debate” approach.  In addition to the Common Path documentary program, we also produced special prompts to facilitate the discussion discussion of Florida's peoples, cultures and multiculturalism, and in/migration issues.

    Wilmington - Are We Making Progress?: March 22, 2001

    Originally broadcast live on WHQR-FM in Wilmington NC, this panel discussion explored the legacy of Wilmington's 1898 race riots. Produced in partnership with the 1898 Centennial Foundation Inc.

    A Wilmington Circle: February 21, 2002

    Recorded at WHQR in Wilmington North Carolina, based on the well known “study circles” format, in partnership with the YWCA of the Lower Cape Fear.


To conduct your own community forum using Listening Between the Lines’ prompts and formats, contact Alan Lipke or Jude Thilman.

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