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Tampa, FL Forum
Finding a Common Path
October 16, 2000

Florida has always beckoned to newcomers, whether entering overseas or overland. From the peoples now known as "Seminoles" to the "snow-birds" and "undocumented immigrants" of today, how has the host-society dealt with incomers? Finding a Common Path is based on the Common Path documentary which can be found here.

Finding a Common Path is a one hour public forum on Florida's peoples, culture and migration. The documentaries were originally broadcast on October 16, 2000 on WMNF, the community radio station of Tampa, FL.

Finding a Common Path is based on Listening Between the Lines "Document and Debate" format of using prerecorded discussions from experts to spark discourse among participants. Below the Audio streams are organized with live segments across from prerecorded segments.

Finding a Common Path features a dozen participants and a diversity facilitator addressing a number of issues using prerecorded segments as discussion prompts. Below you will find Real Audio Streams of the recorded discussions that took place on air.

Hear the related documentary at A Common Path







Live Discussions









Part 1: Culture and In/migration?


Melting Pot or Mosaic?




Americanization and Mass Media



English as America's Official Language



Culture of Democracy






Issue 2: Economy and In/migration


Costs Introduction




Jobs and Wages

   Blacks & Immigrants Discussion


Immigrant Communities: The Enclaves



The Brain Drain






Issue 3: Ecology and In/migration


Limits to Growth




The Floridian View






Issue 4: Immigration Policy


Thoughts on Immigration Policy




Florida's efforts to change immigration policy

   A Sense of fairness





Issue 5: Final Thoughts













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